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Living in the countryside, being in the open air, tanning in winter and looking for shade in the summer.

Walking, getting your hands dirty, getting taught by nature and growing slowly.

Meeting new people, swimming in a river, watching the stars, seeing the first flower blooming in spring.

Sharing the everyday life, breathing freedom, GROWING your passions and seeing them growing day by day.

Playing ball with children, planting a little seed about to germinate and tasting the first tomato.

Lying on the grass and hearing just the birds singing, hoeing the ground, sweating, picking, transforming.

famiglia contadina, cane, campagna

Our parents were not farmers, but the passion for nature and the wish to find a more sustainable lifestyle pushed us, since we were young, to look for a place where to make our dream come true. We are Andrea (1986) and Camilla (1982), Sirio (2015) and Latika, our dog. We originally come from a town near Milan, where we lived until 2015 doing different jobs and, in our free time, we travelled to several farms to learn our current job. But the hectic life and the chaos of the city weren’t for us: we wanted to work in the open air, get our hands dirty, live in a more sustainable and self-sufficient way. So the free time dedicated to visiting farms grew more and more, arriving to the point where we were working just to make a living. It was back then that we took the decision to leave and look for the right place, travelling all around Italy and discovering faraway and amazing farms, until we got here, in Maremma.


It wasn’t difficult to fall in love with our new house. The silence, the tranquillity, the smells and the beauty of the landscape fascinated us.


Everything was possible thanks to Anna and Alfeo that, being our business partners, believed in us and in our dream. We also thank our friends and relatives that are always ready to help us with the most important works and the wwofer, travelling volunteers that stop to” taste” some life with us.


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